The Week In Quotes: November 22, 2019

L.A. Rams S Eric Weddle
L.A. Rams S Eric Weddle
Photo: USA Today Sports Images


"I could tell them a lot of stuff, but that's just not who I am, So we're going to play it on the field, and the best team is going to win. … I have a lot of respect for that place, not only how it helped my career and rejuvenated my career, how they treated myself and my family. But it's a very tight-knit group, and what would I be -- what kind of man would I be if I just turned my back on all of them?"

-- Los Angeles Rams safety Eric Weddle is a loyal teammate, even well after leaving that team. The former Baltimore Raven will not be exposing his team's secrets in the leadup to the upcoming Monday Night Football game. (ESPN)


"Soo uhh @michaelvick how would you stop someone like…well kinda like yourself but the 2019 version?? I need tips for the game"

-- With Weddle's lips sealed, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey seeks advice on stopping Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson … from one of the few quarterbacks who have ever played like Lamar Jackson. (SportsCenter via Twitter)


"Something in the hip region … It just kept getting tighter and tighter in the hip region. I just couldn't move around like I wanted to and I was just throwing with a lot of arm."

-- Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky explains the mystery hip injury that led to his removal from the team's loss to the Rams last week. Reports say Trubisky's hip region has improved, and he is likely to play Sunday against the New York Giants.(SportsCenter via Twitter)


"Chris Johnson has 6 straight 1K seasons back-to-back FOH don't play with me"

-- Former Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson (apparently a fan of the third person) scoffs at the idea he was a one-year wonder. (Bleacher Report via Twitter)


"I feel like there were more Chargers fans down here than when we play 'em in L.A."

-- Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce realized after their Mexico City game that the Los Angeles Chargers would have a halfway decent home-field advantage if they played in almost any other city. (Bleacher Report via Twitter)


"Man, I thought about that last year, what was going to happen with my contract. I thought about it the year before when I was in my last year. I'm done thinking about that. Just take it one game at a time, one season, one play.''

-- Seattle Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is, for the first time in what sounds like the last two years, NOT focused on his contract. Instead, his mind's on a Super Bowl. (Seattle Times)


"I'm a pro, I know everything isn't going to be in my favor all the time. I know that opens up doors for other people. They've got to make the play when it's there. I know what I bring. I know what I bring to the table. I know what other teams are going to do. They can keep it coming. I'm going to keep it coming too."

-- Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark hopes to keep the big plays coming after causing all three quarterback pressures and recording Kansas City's lone sack against Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers on Monday Night Football.(


"The strength of our team is our defense and special teams. So on offense, we just have to take advantage when we get opportunities, understand where our strengths lie, and try to play to them. Not giving short fields. Not turning the ball over. Try to take advantage when we get into the red area and score touchdowns. That's kind of where our offense is, and that's kind of where our team is."

-- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may finally be resigned to taking the backseat to his vaunted defensive unit after a string of less-than-stellar performances. (The Greg Hill Show)


"Y'all don't have to worry about Nelson coming back. We not."

"Philly fans worst fans in league won't appreciate till we gone"

"Maybe it's because [Carson] Wentz doesn't throw a ball better than Foles, making it harder for us to catch"

"Woulda been a catch if Foles threw it"

-- A seemingly innocuous Twitter account "@efam33" went semi-viral after some speculated this was a burner account for Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor. Agholor's middle name is Efamehule (hence, allegedly, the "efam") and constantly used "we" and "us" to establish that sense of perspective. However, it must be noted that a simple Google will give you Agholor's full name, and some of these tweets sound like answers from sports radio call-in listeners, not NFL wide receivers. (Barstool Sports)

"Yeah can we talk about this? It's not me. So which one of you guys are going to Tweet, 'It's not Nelson?'"

-- Agholor got on top of things during the media scrum outside his locker, saying he's already heard about this from friends and the Eagles PR team (Tim McManus, ESPN via Twitter)








-- Liz Smith, wife of Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith, has recorded the long year of recovery her husband has gone through after suffering a gruesome knee injury.




-- The Cleveland Browns need all the good press they can get, so wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. decided to change that and hop in the media scrum himself to interview quarterback Baker Mayfield.




-- The Dallas Cowboys are the latest team to do a 'FRIENDS'-themed hype video


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2 Alex Smith's injury

I know this is nit-picking, and ESPN's tweet inexcusably got it wrong, but Alex Smith's injury wasn't to his knee. He suffered an open fracture to his tibia and fibula. In the montage, you can even see that the various medical devices he's worn are stabilizing/supporting his lower leg, not his knee. So "gruesome leg injury" would be accurate, but "gruesome knee injury" is not.

I realize that this is tangential to the point of that post, but facts matter, and it's particularly important that media outlets take care to ensure their statements are accurate.

More to the point of that post, it's pretty incredible to see him running again a year after the injury. At last publicly-reported count, he's had 17 surgeries to repair the fractures and address infections that occurred afterward.

3 Excellent point. I was…

Excellent point. I was wondering -- is he expected to ever play at the NFL level again? I can't remember how old he is or how long the recovery is expected.

4 I think that's still an open…

I think that's still an open question. At the time of the injury and for awhile afterward, a full recovery was very much in doubt. Obviously, he's made pretty incredible progress, so a return does seem possible, but if it happens, it would be next season. At 35, he's unlikely to play at the same level he did prior to the injury if he does return.

5 It really is an unknown…

It really is an unknown thing - knowing Smith from his time with the Chiefs, much of his game was based on his ability to scramble to extend plays or for yardage. I hope he can make it back, and if anyone can, it's Alex Smith. We'll just have to wait and see.