The Week In Quotes: October 16, 2020

Tennessee Titans OL Taylor Lewan and RB Derrick Henry
Tennessee Titans OL Taylor Lewan and RB Derrick Henry
Photo: USA Today Sports Images


"Ain't no way we practiced all week and they canceled our game."

-- Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon took to Twitter following the announcement postponing the team's game against New England, pointing out the consequences of the NFL's schedule shuffling.

"Injuries at an all time high and our bye week was bumped up with practices."

-- Broncos free safety Justin Simmons chimed in, frustrated that their Week 8 bye turned into a Week 5 long weekend. (Justin Simmons via Twitter)

Glenn Ordway: "It sounded like last weekend you had all the protocols in place. You actually had two different planes and you isolated certain guys on one plane. A report came out on Tuesday that you had requested more locker room space at Arrowhead Stadium. Christian (Fauria) has told us it's one of the smallest physical locker rooms along with Buffalo in the league. Is that true? If that's the case, did they explain to you why they couldn't, especially since there were very few fans, why they couldn't figure out, couldn't rig up something where they could have some temporary locker room for you?"

Bill Belichick: "You'd have to talk to the people that were involved in that. We tried to work through the logistics that we can control, which was our travel and hotel stay, the buses, and so forth. The stadium facilities and all that, that's handled through the league and the home team and so forth. I can only speak to our stadium. I can't really speak to anybody else's."

GO: "It seems to go against all logic of what everybody was doing. You talk about everybody trying to do the right thing and certainly in most cases it seems that way. This seems to go against that, right? With people that close to each other?"

BB: (Pause.) "It's a small locker room. There's no doubt about it."

-- New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick came has close as he could to expressing his frustration with the league during his weekly appearance on WEEI's "OMF." (The Athletic)

"They hate it! They were angry at us, they thought we did everything wrong. Don't put us in adversity. Scratch all day, match all way."

-- Tennessee Titans tackle Taylor Lewan and his teammates took the media's negative coverage of their COVID procedures to heart en route to a 42-16 trouncing of the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday night. (Tennessee Titans via Twitter)

"The crowd was certainly a factor in the game. I know our governor passed that rule so certainly, hopefully the UF administration decides to pet us pack the Swamp against LSU -- 100% -- because that crowd was certainly a factor in the game. I certainly hope our administration follows the governor. The governor has passed a role that we're allowed to pack the Swamp and have 90,000 in the Swamp to give us the home-field advantage Texas A&M had today."

-- University of Florida head coach Dan Mullen pushed his school's administration to pack Ben Hill Griffin Stadium full of fans to get some home-field advantage against LSU. Unfortunately for Mullen and the Gators, the Florida-LSU game was postponed due to 22 Florida players testing positive this week. (Orlando Sentinel)


Reporter: "Adam, at 0-5, with all the things that have taken place, where do you tell the Jets fan that there's hope at this point? Where is the hope?"

Adam Gase: "If you watch these guys practice, you watch how these guys how they go through the week, and the effort, and how these guys are trying to get all this stuff right, and try and figure out a way to correct the mistakes that were made … I mean if you were there day-in and day-out and saw how they practiced this week, you wouldn't know what our record was. Wednesday and Thursday, those guys came out and they -- I mean it was max effort. I mean they were flying around, they competed, the execution was really good, what I see at practice, it just doesn't add up."

-- New York Jets head coach Adam Gase has led his team to an 0-5 record, each loss by a margin of two or more scores. If you asked Gase where hope lies in this team, he'll point you to the practice field. If only the Jets could play themselves on Sunday, too. (New York Jets via YouTube)

"It's irrelevant at this point. It didn't work out. It didn't work out. We're going to focus on this game right now."

-- When asked about recently cut running back Le'Veon Bell's potential misuse on offense leading to his staggering drop in production, Gase wrote it off as irrelevant considering Bell is no longer a member of the team. Wonder how he looked in practice? (


"I think maybe my personality, I do smile some. I can joke with them a little bit. ... We were able to win the game, and I think that helped [change the mood]. If we lost the game it would have been a different story, but because we won the game, everyone wants to say well what did I do? Well, the players are the ones who did it. That's what I've been telling them all week, that they had the ability to do it. You try to show them evidence that they can do it, and now they have to go out and perform."

-- Houston Texans interim head coach Romeo Crennel, taking over following the firing of Bill O'Brien, brought some smiles into the Texans locker room following their 30-14 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. (Rivers McCown, Football Outsiders via Twitter)

Bradley Roby: "Man, he did like five dances. He did the Soulja Boy, he did the Macarena, he started doing the disco. I didn't know what he was doing. It was funny though. It was funny, man."

Deshaun Watson: "I kind of missed it because I was doing the broadcast thing outside, so I came in towards the end. So I didn't really get to see it. Yeah, next time. Next week we get the victory, I'll make sure that I can get in there a little faster so I can see it."

J.J. Watt: "For Romeo, seeing his dance moves in the locker room after the game were a real treat, so that was enjoyable."

-- Texans players loved the dance moves Crennel brought to the post-game locker room celebration after the win. I hope they keep winning, because I need a video. (Houston Texans via Twitter)


"I told them on the headset, 'We didn't come here for this -- let's go win it.'"

"I really don't [have any regrets]. We came here to win, so I'm not going to second-guess any of that stuff. We didn't get it done. … Everyboy else will [second-guess it]. Let them."

-- Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has no regrets about going for it on fourth-and-1 late on Sunday Night Football, with the miss setting up a game-winning drive by the Seattle Seahawks. (Ben Goessling, Minneapolis Star-Tribune)


"I thought they played defense in the SEC."

-- Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin said this to Alabama head coach Nick Saban following their barnburner of a game. Alabama came out on top against Ole Miss by a margin of 63-48. The two teams combined for 1,370 total yards, and Alabama scored touchdowns on nine of their 11 offensive drives. (Alex Scarborough, ESPN via Twitter)


"I feel like Sue Bird in the clutch."

-- Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson shouts out WNBA Champion Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird after leading a game-winning drive on Sunday Night Football. Russ wore a Bird jersey to the stadium pregame. (ESPNW via Twitter)


"Oh yeah. Mama didn't raise no wuss."

-- Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield won't let a rib injury deter him from starting this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Adam Schefter, ESPN via Twitter)


"Shoot, let's go. Individually, I didn't play very well, and as a team, we didn't play very well. So what are we going to do about it? Mope around and get beat on Sunday? Or go out and play the way we know how?"

-- Indianapolis Colts quarterback Philip Rivers didn't have his best game against the Browns, but he knows all you can do is move on to the next game. (Zak Keefer, The Athletic via Twitter)


"I'm going to have a fake Heisman made so all four of us can have them."

-- Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger wants to join his fellow AFC North quarterbacks Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, and Joe Burrow as part of the Heisman Trophy winners club. (Brooke Pryor, ESPN NFL Nation via Twitter)


"We think it's funny when people make fun of our height. We feed off that. We're not playing basketball. ... I don't have to block anyone's shot."

-- Coastal Carolina center Sam Thompson is 5-foot-9. In fact, the entire Coastal Carolina offensive line sits at 6-foot-3 and below. (Doug Samuels, FootballScoop via Twitter)


Christian Fauria: "Somebody once told me there are no stupid questions…"

Bill Belichick: "Yes there are."

-- Classic Bill. (Mike Reiss, ESPN via Twitter)



-- Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott seems to be in good spirits following his season-ending ankle injury on Sunday.


-- Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool just wanted to remind everyone (via timely meme) how many touchdowns he scored on Sunday.


-- New York Giants head coach Joe Judge was able to draw a Giants fan while marking up this play.


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1 On Arrowhead Stadium…

On Arrowhead Stadium changing rooms being small ...

I remember back in 1986 going to watch the Cowboys and Bears play the first American Bowl at Wembley Stadium.   Being primarily used for soccer, the changing rooms were way too small for an American football team of 45 players plus staff.   

So they hired out Wembley Arena, which is 15,000 capacity for music events, about 200metres across the carpark for changing facilities.  Dim memory of seeing Ed "Too Tall" Jones coming out of a stadium side entrance with other players in their pads and kits making their way over to change.