The Week In Quotes: October 23, 2020

New York Giants QB Daniel Jones
New York Giants QB Daniel Jones
Photo: USA Today Sports Images


"I think it was a very special moment for me because my parents weren't here. I couldn't remember where we ended our drive at, so I FaceTimed my parents from where we ended our drive at."

-- Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa saw his first NFL action this past Sunday, entering the fourth quarter against the New York Jets. Tagovailoa took time to sit at midfield after the game and FaceTime his parents, because they "usually never miss my games." ( Armando Salguero, Miami Herald via Twitter)

"I have a direct communication with Coach Flores. Calling him. We talk. And text back and forth. He's not just a coach for Tua. He's also a father for him, on the field. It's so comforting. We really, really appreciate that."

-- Galu Tagovailoa, Tua's mother, opened up about her relationship with Dolphins head coach Brian Flores and the deep bond formed with not only Tua, but his family as well. (Rob DeMello, KHON)

"He's gotten more comfortable -- accuracy, decision-making have been good in practice. … We're comfortable and confident that he'll be able to competitive in those games when that time comes."

-- Coach Flores spoke about Tagovailoa's performance in practice as an indicator of good things to come. This week, it was announced that Tagovailoa would take over starting quarterback duties after the team's Week 7 bye. ( Cameron Wolfe, ESPN via Twitter)

"My heart just hurt all day. It was heartbreaking for me. Flo kind of said what he said and said what he said to you guys as well. That's the decision and the direction that the organization is going in. Obviously, we'd talked in the past about how I'm the placeholder and this eventually was going to happen. It was a matter of when, not if. It still just broke my heart yesterday. It's a tough thing for me to hear and now have to deal with. but I'm going to do my best with it."

-- Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who had led the team to a 3-3 record and won three of his last four games, spoke candidly about his emotions upon hearing the news he would be backing up Tagovailoa going forward.

"Look, Fitz has been great. He's been great really for the last year and a half. I don't know if there's anybody who's been more instrumental in trying to instill a culture and embody a lot of things we're looking from a toughness, competitiveness, team-first. ... He's made an impact on Tua (and) a lot of the players on this team. So I have a great respect for him, and that made this decision very tough, But at the end of the day, as a team, we felt like the best thing to do for our team now and moving forward was going with Tua. But I think Fitz and the way he handles himself and his impact on the team, it'll still be there. He's been a tremendous asset and leader for this team."

-- Flores on Fitzpatrick's contributions to the Dolphins team this season, including his role in mentoring the rookie Tagovailoa. (

"I basically got fired yesterday and my day today consisted of Zoom meetings with the guy who fired me and sitting in a room with the guy who replaced me for four hours."

-- Fitzpatrick, continuing to be open about the transition process, highlighted just how awkward it can be the day after demotion. (Armando Salguero, Miami Herald via Twitter)


"When you have days like this, things just part like the Red Sea."

-- Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire owed some thanks to his offensive line after rushing for 161 yards against the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. (James Palmer, NFL Network via Twitter)

"We don't turn away good players. He's a pretty smart kid and been doing it a long time."

-- Chiefs head coach Andy Reid revolutionizes the NFL once again by … signing good players. (Nate Taylor, The Athletic via Twitter)


"The feeling throughout [our] building after that loss -- 4-2 has never felt so much like 0-6 before. But that's because we have very high expectations for ourselves."

-- Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield may have a winning record this season, but a recent loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers has really brought down the mood inside the building. (ESPN)


"Oh yeah, I mean it definitely was tricky, just not being able to squeeze it in. So I tried to catch it like this, went right to my body, it was a great spiral by Dalton, and I was able to get it."

-- Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker offered up some praise to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton, complimenting him on the great ball thrown directly to the opposition. (Katherine Fitzgerald, AZ Central via Twitter)


"That's not my call, man. I don't know. I'm here to try my best to do what's right for the Jets. Like I said, as a team, we've got to start fast. When we play out there, we got to make it. Third down, we can't wait until -- [expletive] [expletive] the fourth quarter. Can't wait until the [expletive] fourth quarter to [expletive] start playing ball, man. You can't start slow in this league. When you got a chance to make a play, we got to make a play. That goes for me, goes for everybody on the offense. Goes for O-line, quarterback, running back, receiver. We all got to make the play when it's there."

-- New York Jets running back Frank Gore exhausted his frustration with the New York Jets with some profanity-laced complaints about the Jets' offensive ineptitude. (Touchdown Wire, USA Today)


"My mom called me before the game … the first thing she told me was, 'I'm your mom and everything, but are you going to hit some holes today?' I was like, 'You know what? I got you, mom.' It just really hit home when your own mom is not liking what she sees out there."

-- Arizona Cardinals running back Kenyan Drake received some added motivation from his mom before running for 164 yards and two touchdowns on 20 carries during Arizona's 38-10 win over Dallas on Monday Night Football. Not only was it Drake's best performance of the 2020 season, it fell 2 yards shy of tying the best rushing performance of his career (Week 13 of 2019, when Drake rushed for 166 yards and two touchdowns on 24 carries). (Arizona Cardinals via Twitter)


"You practice like crap and then you go out and play like crap."

-- Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur wasn't thrilled with his team's crappy performance on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as the team allowed 38 unanswered points in a 38-10 loss. ( Matt Schneidman, The Athletic via Twitter)


"We've got graduate assistants and secretaries and student assistants scouring the Baylor media sites, especially their message boards and fan boards. If they're anything like ours, if a guy sprains an ankle in practice, the sky is falling. So you've got to disseminate what's real and what's not real. We're trying to figure out who we're going to play, who the players are going to be."

-- Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman currently has grad students scouring the Internet for any and all information they can find on upcoming opponent Baylor. Baylor's game on October 10 against Oklahoma State was postponed after Baylor generated 28 positive COVID tests, with 17 more players unavailable due to quarantining and contact tracing. (Austin American-Statesman)


"Calvin is like Mr. Atlanta and he is the youth. He's like a -- who are we kidding, he's like a young rapper just going out there playing football."

-- Atlanta Falcons interim head coach Raheem Morris likens wide receiver Calvin Ridley to a young rapper while complimenting him. Considering how much Atlanta has contributed to the rap game, this has to come as extremely high praise. ( Atlanta Falcons via Twitter)


"I can't see past lunch to be honest with you. We're just focused on doing what we need to do to win this game."

-- The Pittsburgh Steelers have suffered from the injury bug recently, losing linebacker Devin Bush for the year to a torn ACL while having a number of players listed on the injury report. When asked about the potential of looking to supplement the team with some outside help, however, head coach Mike Tomlin delivered a non-answer in a way that only Tomlin could. (TRIB Live)


"5, 6 in the morning, driving to the airport, a car jumped off the exit ramp. It was kind of coming downhill at us towards the driver's side window. I just saw headlights. The driver reacted, got us off into a ditch. It all happened so fast. I was in a panic in the backseat, like 'Holy -- we almost just died!' The driver turned around -- I'll never forget it -- he was like 'Woo! That was awesome!' I was like 'That was not awesome! That was crazy, but great job!'"

-- San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo almost didn't make it out of New England alive after being traded from the Patriots. On the way to a Rhode Island airport to head out west, Garoppolo and his driver were nearly struck head-on by a rogue vehicle. Luckily, Garoppolo is still alive and ready to laugh off the near-death experience. (NBCSports Bay Area)


Dabo Swinney: "Man, we're popular in New York these days, appreciate you joining us. Nice to meet you."

Greg Logan: "We've got nothing else to look forward to."

--This exchange between Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney and a New York Newsday reporter shows just how bleak things have gotten for New York professional football teams. (Marc Whiteman, WYFF News 4 via Twitter)


"95.5% of [ESPN Fantasy] didn't play me. Shout out to the 4.5% who ride or die with me."

-- Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus gave a shout-out to the ride-or-dies that started the kicker in fantasy football as the Broncos headed up to New England. McManus kicked six field goals in an 18-12 win and racked up 24 fantasy points in ESPN leagues. (Brandon McManus via Twitter)



-- Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers should've been flagged for excessive celebration in this ode to Key & Peele's Hingle McCringleberry.


-- The Miami Dolphins' social media team cooked up some of the Dolphins' finest Crewmates in an Among Us tribute following the game.


-- This bewildering graphic from the Colts/Bengals game sure is something.


-- Following San Francisco's 24-16 win over the Rams in Los Angeles, the 49ers celebrated the win -- and Deebo Samuel's six catches for 66 yards and a touchdown -- with this classic movie callback.


-- In the NFL's funniest play in at least a decade, New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones fakes out the entire Philadelphia Eagles defense for what should have been an 88-yard touchdown before disaster strikes. (The Giants went on to score a touchdown shortly thereafter.)

-- The Ringer catalogs some of the finer details of Jones' play, including that his own teammates were laughing as much as anyone else.

-- FO alumnus Bill Barnwell, now with ESPN, shows what Jones' stumble looked like to some of the most powerful computers in sports.

-- Barnwell's colleague Mina Kimes requested some musical accompaniment and Twitter user "The GIF Guy" obliged.

-- Here's Ian Eagle calling the play on Westwood One radio while color commentator (and former NFL lineman) Ross Tucker giggles until he cries.

-- WFAN announcers Bob Papa and Carl Banks (who won two Super Bowls with the Giants) can barely finish a sentence trying to describe the action to New York's fans.

-- Finally, Adrián García Márquez and Rolando Cantú call the play en español.


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1 What was #31 on the Eagles…

What was #31 on the Eagles doing barely making an effort to chase Jones? There aren't a lot of QBs that should be able to outrun him and Daniel Jones definitely isn't one of them.

5 I think we needed a kick in…

I think we needed a kick in the ass a little bit.

Rodgers said this after they lost 38-10, and they always say something along those lines, but the one time Rodgers did win a Super Bowl, they absolutely did not need a kick in the ass. The 2010 Packers are the only team in the Super Bowl era (a total of 1578 teams) that not only never lost by more than a touchdown, but never fell behind by more than a touchdown at any point in the season. The previous team to accomplish this was the 1962 Lions.

7 That '62 Lions team is…

That '62 Lions team is certainly one of the best teams in franchise history, but didn't even make the playoffs, since there was no wildcard (or playoffs at all) back then, only a championship game between the Western and Eastern division winners.   They gave the eventual champion Packers their only loss (in a blowout), but they finished 2nd behind them in the Western division, so stayed home in the postseason.

10 Drake reminding me of TY Hilton, who did not come through

From 9/24:


T.Y. Hilton’s grandma gave him a call on Monday. She said she didn’t recognize the grandson she was watching on TV the first two weeks of the season. It was just what Hilton needed, he said. "She always shoots it straight with me,” Hilton said. “She’s my rock, she’s my heart."